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Na Pali, kauai, extreme nature in Hawaii

Na Pali, kauai, extreme nature in Hawaii

Na Pali is one of the most incredible and beautiful places in the world. While other places may offer impressive buildings or monuments, here you will see nature at its best. It is a place that attracts not only the mind but also the senses 

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is one of the most important tourist attractions in Ireland, and one of the most visited natural places in Europe. It receives approximately 1 million visits per year. Located in County Antrim, in Northern Ireland, it is a formation of volcanic origin, 

Beach of the Cathedrals, a natural monument in Ribadeo, Spain

Beach of the Cathedrals, a natural monument in Ribadeo, Spain

Beach of the Cathedrals is located in the Cantabrian Sea, in the parish of A Devesa, belonging to the City Council of Ribadeo, Lugo and is classified as a Natural Monument by the Xunta de Galicia.

In addition, it has been a protected area since February 2005 and a Site of Community Interest (L.I.C) in the Natura 2000 Network, due to its abundance of animals and plants. This makes it considered the best beach in Spain and the eighteenth in the world.

Beach of the Cathedrals

Although its real name is Playa de Aguas Santas due to the existence of a medicinal spring, it is currently known as Playa de las Catedrales because of the shape of the cliffs that line the beach.

This is so due to the erosive action of salt water, wind and time, which have carved arches, caves, lakes and passageways, which gives this beach its name, since its arches are reminiscent of the flying buttresses of a cathedral.

Trails and viewpoints

The trails are signposted and allow you to explore their terrain from the top of the rasa, so you can go with children, to appreciate this landscape as a family. At low tide you can also access the beach through a staircase, and walk among the rocks of Playa de las Catedrales.

Here you can explore and discover, in a didactic way, the different caves in this group. Since you can see the vegetation of the area, with bushes, plants on the ground and meadows on the cliffs.

And the birds, being close to the Foz estuary, such as seagulls, herons, or curlews, among others.

Limited visits

During Holy Week and the months of July and August, since 2015, the Xunta de Galicia has limited the number of capacity for visitors as it is the most visited natural monument in this community.

The restriction of people is only for the sandy area, so you can freely walk along the trails or viewpoints to see the natural monument.

Nearby areas

In the immediate vicinity there is a restaurant, two parking areas and benches and tables for eating. There are also several campsites near the area.

When to visit Las Catedrales Beach?

Any time is good to visit this natural gem. If we want to go down to the sandy area we have to take into account the tides, since we can only access at low tide.

Also, if we make the low tide coincide with the sunset, we will have an unforgettable experience.

More in Ribadeo

In the municipality to which this natural monument belongs, you can visit different places of tourist interest. Highlighting two alternatives, continue around the beach or enter the Historic Center declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

The first alternative is Isla Pancha, with a length of 1.1 hectares and steep terrain, from where the Old Ribadeo Lighthouse predominates, built in 1857 and currently tourist accommodation.

Or visit the Historic Center of Ribadeo, where the Plaza de España, the nerve center of the town, stands out, from where you can see the buildings that allow you to delve into the history of Ribadeo.

The dead sea, a place like no other

The dead sea, a place like no other

The Dead Sea, which is located between Israel and Jordan, is one of the most mysterious and interesting seas in the world. Nature is capable of creating fascinating landforms. The Great Blue Hole of Belize, the colorful mountains of Zhangye Danxia in China or the 

Milford Sound, the wonder of New Zealand

Milford Sound, the wonder of New Zealand

Milford Sound, also known as Piopiotahi, is a beautiful fjord located on the west coast of the South Island in New Zealand. It is a magical place that blends incredible natural landscapes with small treasures that make it special. Before we start, we would like 

The Twelve Apostles in Australia. An Unforgettable Landscape!

The Twelve Apostles in Australia. An Unforgettable Landscape!

The iconic Golden Cliffs and Pillars of the Twelve Apostles are located 7 km from Port Campbell. They are protected by the Doce Apóstoles Marine National Park that covers 7500ha and runs along 17 km of impressive coastline.

The beauty of the water above the park protects some of the most spectacular underwater scenery in Victoria, Australia.

Spectacular arches, canyons, fissures, gutters and deep reefs constitute the environment below the waves.

The wild and powerful waves of the Southern Ocean constantly hit the shoreline. What has shaped the area in what it looks like today.

The remarkable underwater structures provide a base for the magnificent habitats, including kelp forests and colorful sponge gardens.

Many animals thrive both above and below water. These include seabirds, seals, reef fish, lobsters, and sea spiders.

Where does the name Twelve Apostles come from?

The first charts refer to the twelve apostles as the sow and the piglets. The sow refers to Mutton Bird Island, which can be seen from Loch Ard Gorge. And the suckers were the rock formations that surround it to the east.

The rocks are collectively known as the twelve apostles and are not individually named after the biblical apostles. In living memory the 12 Apostles have always been a part of the vernacular.

Can you really see 12 formations?

The twelve Apostles have never been seen from today’s point of view. Historically the stacks were revealed as visitors traveled down the old highway in the Passenger Car connecting Port Campbell to Princetown and beyond to Rivernook.

At first glance, you will see 7 rock stacks to the west with the rest hidden by headlands and obscured by other stacks. To the east are two other rock stacks referred to in the vernacular as Gog and Magog.

These two rock stacks are visible from beach level across a parking lot 1 km east of the Twelve Apostles.

Geology of the Twelve Apostles

The limestone of Port Campbell is generally dated to 15-20 million years old, it is a very common misconception that visitors feel they are viewing an ancient seascape. The formations we see have been formed in the last 6000 years.

The spectacular variety of seascape in Port Campbell National Park and the Bay of Islands Coastal Park is not due to a great inconsistency in erosive forces. It occurs largely due to a number of inconsistencies in the density and durability of the strata.

Activities we can do in the Twelve Apostles

In a place as magical as this magnificent park, it is not surprising that we have endless activities to do.

From wildlife watching to water sports, learn about all the opportunities this park has to offer.


Reconnect with the elements and allow the hiss of the waves on the shore to transport you away from the daily grind. Wild beaches adorn these southern shores.

The cliff gives way to the swept dunes and the coves provide stretches to inspire, energize and escape! Access is limited, but the beaches are like no other.

Do not miss other places in Australia

Swimming is not recommended on any of the open ocean beaches. Port Campbell Bay offers the safest local option especially when patrolled in season.

The wettest and deepest ravines are found at the westernmost tip of the rainforest in South Australia.

Wildlife Observation

The opportunity for wildlife viewing is exceptional for those with time and patience. Dusk and dawn provide better viewing for many species.


There are many outdoor activities that we can do in the Twelve Apostles. Among them we can name snorkeling, kayaking and boats. In Port Campbell we can enjoy swimming in the bay.

We will find golf courses for lovers of this sport. In addition, we can find places to shop near the park. We will also find playgrounds and skateboards.

Cesky Krumlov, the best excursion from Prague

Cesky Krumlov, the best excursion from Prague

The small town of Cesky Krumlov is one of the best-kept secrets in the Czech Republic, and is probably the best option if you are considering a day trip from Prague. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO back in 1992, 

Lijiang old town of China

Lijiang old town of China

Lijiang is perfectly suited to the irregular topography of this commercial and strategic site, it has preserved a historic urban landscape of high quality and authenticity. It belongs to the list of places that are World Heritage Sites according to Unesco since 1997, and it 

El Chaltén, a dream place in Argentina

El Chaltén, a dream place in Argentina

Chaltén is a municipality located west of the province of Santa Cruz in Argentina, located in the Andes mountain range at one end of the Argentine Patagonia.

Baptized by its followers as the «national capital of trekking», through the different trails that are born from its own streets, different ascents can be made to the imposing hills that surround it, such as Fitz Roy, Poincenot or the very particular Cerro Torre.

It is a small tourist village located in Los Glaciares National Park. This municipality was founded in 1985, which explains why some refer to it as “the youngest town in Argentina”.

How to get to El Chaltén

It is a border area with the neighboring country of Chile and super close to one of the most visited destinations in all of Patagonia: El Calafate.

El Calafate receives lots of tourists every year in search of the most famous glacier in the world, the Perito Moreno Glacier. This circumstance means that it is very well communicated with other areas of the country, especially by air.

You can get to El Calafate airport via Buenos Aires, San Carlos de Bariloche or Ushuaia thanks to domestic flights operated mainly by Aerolineas Argentinas or Latam to a lesser extent.

Once you have arrived in El Calafate you can take a bus that in just three hours will leave you at the El Chaltén bus station.

These buses leave from the El Calafate station and at some times, make an intermediate stop at the airport. That is, you can travel directly from the airport to El Chaltén and vice versa.

You can also get to El Chaltén without having to fly to El Calafate airport. And it is that in Patagonia there are a series of long-distance bus lines that connect the main towns in the south of the country.

El Chaltén town

In this town you can breathe a very special atmosphere. A mountainous environment! Also, the constructions are cute.

The typical low houses made of wood and painted in super bright colors. Most are accommodation or work as businesses focused on the traveler. In other words, we are facing a town that has developed around its main economic resource, tourism.

Inside El Chaltén you will find everything you need to survive during your days of stay.

From small supermarkets and a multitude of bars and restaurants, to tourist agencies, shops with sports equipment and camping to buy or rent, and a small stall with crafts and tourist souvenirs.

What to see in El Chaltén

You don’t have to be an experienced mountaineer to visit the best places to see in El Chaltén. As long as you like to walk and have a great desire to know one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes in the world, enough is enough.

Ascent to Laguna Torre

We are facing one of the most emblematic hiking routes. A path of approximately 20 kilometers round trip, and 8 hours long that will take you to the foot of the Laguna and Cerro Torre.

Has it all. Incredible bare rock peaks and an impressive glacier that falls to touch the gray waters of the lagoon.

Practical information Laguna Torre route

Access: from the town of El Chaltén
Travel: linear
Difficulty: medium / low (easy but very long route)
Length: 20 kilometers (round trip)
Good signage (no loss)
Estimated time: 7/8 hours (round trip)
Elevation: 750 meters of ascent and descent

The hiking route to Laguna Torre, despite its length, is simple and without any difficulty for people used to hiking trails from time to time.

Ascent Laguna de los Tres

It is a very long trail. About 25 kilometers round trip. And, although it has no notable difficulties, the last climb, the one with the greatest unevenness, becomes somewhat hard and heavy. But it all makes up for it by enjoying a clear day in this nature paradise.

Practical information Laguna los Tres route

Access: from the town of El Chaltén
Travel: linear
Difficulty: medium
Length: 25 kilometers (round trip)
Good signage (no loss)
Estimated time: 8/9 hours (round trip)
Elevation gain: +1000 meters of ascent and descent

Tikal, the Mayan jewel of Guatemala

Tikal, the Mayan jewel of Guatemala

Located in the middle of the great jungle of the Petén, Tikal became one of the most important centers of the Mayan empire, in the current country of Guatemala. It is an ancient city in which a multitude of constructions were built: temples, palaces, ceremonial