Milford Sound, the wonder of New Zealand

Milford Sound, the wonder of New Zealand

Milford Sound, also known as Piopiotahi, is a beautiful fjord located on the west coast of the South Island in New Zealand. It is a magical place that blends incredible natural landscapes with small treasures that make it special. Before we start, we would like to advise you penny slot machines free with good bonuses from us for our readers.

The Milford Sound Sound is the result of a natural process that took place during the Ice Age, when glaciers carved this impressive fjord over the years.

Milford Sound is the most famous place in New Zealand for tourists despite its remote location, and the long trips that must be made from the nearest towns.

Fiordland, a National Park that is a World Heritage Site

Milford Sound is located in Fiordland National Park, within Te Wahipounamu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

With its more than 12,600 km² it is the largest of the 13 national parks in the country and is located in the extreme southwest of the South Island of New Zealand.

Milford Sound is the only fjord accessible by road, a route that crosses several mountainous landscapes before reaching the Homer Tunnel, an underpass that takes us from the humid forests to the breadth of the valley.

Famous peaks

The Elephant, a rock that resembles an elephant, and Lion Mountain, which is shaped like a crouching lion.

The best way to enjoy this place is by boat. Either day or night you can enjoy a quiet environment that will immediately connect you with Mother Nature.

These trips last between one and two hours and depart from the Milford Sound Visitor Center.

Landscapes, fauna, cruises and much more

Like a good fjord, the best way to see Milford Sound is from the water and everyone who arrives here does not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy it from one of the cruises that cross it every day.

The offer is varied and you can choose from short walks of an hour and a half to days in which to spend the night on board. Thanks to these cruises and the explanations of their guides, you will be able to know more about the formation of the fjord, its fauna and what its waters hide.

It is not difficult to find seals resting on the rocks or dolphins emerging from the dark waters of the fjord, both bottlenose and Fitzroy noses, and if luck is on our side it is also possible to run into a whale, although they rarely enter the fjord. .

It is also common to find penguins on our visit, both blue and Fiordland penguins, as well as other native New Zealand birds.

Other activities


It is another very common activity to do, as the scenery is incredible and provides different levels of difficulty depending on the area. Do you prefer to go on foot or by boat? Why not both?

Milford Sound is almost two hours from Te Anau and four hours by road from Queenstown; the adventure capital of the world.

In winter the journey is a bit dangerous, as there are usually avalanches and road closures.

There are also helicopter flights and small planes that go to Milford Airport.

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