The beautiful colorful mountains of Zhangye Danxia

The beautiful colorful mountains of Zhangye Danxia

Thousands of multicolored and original-looking rock formations have turned Zhangye Danxia Park, a remote corner of northern China, an authentic canvas whose beauty surprises. Ocher, blue, reddish, green, violated .

The endless color gamut of this landscape offers an almost unreal image of nature made art.

The show lasts over 300 square kilometers, in the province of Gansu, an area of ​​low rainfall, which has seen how erosion has carved sandstone forms for 24 million years.

The natural pigments on the rock strata that the tectonic movements brought to the surface have colored them in a surreal spectacle.

¿What to do there?

One of the main attractions is to contemplate the ways that the mountains make, finding valleys, cliffs and different geological formations, very interesting to observe and photograph.

In addition you can always talk to people who will give you knowledge and with whom you can learn many facts about the formation of the land.

There are many geologists who come there to be able to analyze how rocks have evolved since the earliest times.

Sign up for the bus routes, which will bring you closer to the viewpoints and points of interest, where the guides will recommend you stop.

Normally guided tours usually last 2 hours. If you go through Gansu, you will also have the opportunity to contemplate the yaks, as well as approaching the Gobi desert, to hire some camel routes.

You will also have to tour the Mogao caves of Dunhuang, as they are part of the protected heritage within the most wonderful places in the world.

¿When to go to Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park?

You can visit this area and enjoy the best weather, if you go between May and October. Anyway, it is recommended that you wear a thin piece of rain and another for the cold (in the morning and at night usually cool).

On the silk road

The mountainous mountains of the Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park are a place of passage of the Silk Road, the historic commercial route that has united the Asian and European continents for centuries, crossing countries such as China, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iran and Iraq.

Today, visiting them has become an adventure and a must for those traveling to the area.

The Danxia mountains (means pink clouds in the local language)
They attract people from all over the world to Zhangye, a city that by itself is not a particularly popular destination.

Located fifty kilometers away, it has enough hotel infrastructure to accommodate tourists visiting the site.

“The most spectacular multicolored orography images are obtained at sunrise and sunset”

¿How to get?

From Zhangye, there are three ways to get to the park. The cheapest way is to do it by free, by bus, from the west station of the town, while for those who do not like to leave anything to chance and want to avoid any unforeseen events, the ideal is to opt for an organized tour.

However, the most comfortable formula is to hire a taxi for the whole day. This option is not expensive and allows you to make the visit with much more tranquility, hurrying the times.

And the most spectacular multicolored orography images are obtained at sunrise and sunset, especially from the four viewpoints located in strategic places, which guarantee infarction views.

Those who are not satisfied with walking along the paths marked between colored hills, can decide on other activities such as paragliding, a different way to enjoy a wonder declared World Heritage.

¿What accommodations to choose?

One of the accommodation options you will have will be «7days premium Zhangye Passengers Station», it is one of the best rated hotels, with different offers.

You will have common rest areas, it is centrally located and you will also have television with international channels in each room.

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