Alberobello, the village of Trullos, strangest and most picturesque in Italy.

Alberobello, the village of Trullos, strangest and most picturesque in Italy.

What makes Alberobello one of the most important tourist destinations in southern Italy, and Puglia, are its Trullos.

These are white cylindrical buildings with ceilings shaped like a stone cone. These houses make it look like a fairytale town and have incredible places. It is listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

What to see in Alberobello

The town is very small and can be traveled in a few hours. It is best to walk quietly and go through the two neighborhoods of trullos: the Rione Monti and the Rione Aia Piccola.

There are private homes, but most have been converted into souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels and can be visited without consuming or buying anything. There are several that have incredible viewpoints to see the sunsets.
There are many special teals to see, such as the Sovrano which is the largest teal, the Siamese teal or the church teal.

What is a Trullo?

El Trullo is a house built with limestone walls and a cone-shaped roof. It is a type of architecture typical of the region that can be found scattered in the fields and some villages. Most of the trullos in Puglia are used as deposits for olives.

Alberobello’s story

It is connected with these houses. During the Middle Ages, Count Acquaviva forced the peasants to clean the land and cultivate the land.

To avoid taxes it was necessary that Alberobello did not appear as an inhabited center, so people began to build Trullos, which could be quickly dismantled if needed.

The Trullos were generally built without using mortar and because of the great thickness of their walls the structure remains firm and the internal temperature is pleasant both in summer and winter.
The roof is a cone-shaped dome with a decorative needle in the tip. The ceilings are decorated with symbolic paintings with religious significance.

The interior is very simple, it consists of a main hall in the center and in some cases with small curved bedrooms.

Rione Monti

The most picturesque areas of Alberobello are those made up of Trullos, more than a thousand of them. One of these areas is Rione Monti, which consists of small narrow streets.

It is a very striking area and offers many attractive points in sight.

The people in Rione Monti are very friendly and their vendors will try to show you their crafts, ceramics, snowballs with teal inside, terracotta whistles, and other souvenir augers.
Many of the Trullos de Rione Monti are small bars and restaurants where you can taste exquisite local wines accompanied by local cheeses, cold meats and olives. Some of these places have terraces where you can admire the panorama of the town from above.

The Sovrano Trullo

The Sovrano Trullo, built over 200 years ago, is also worth a visit. It is the only Trullo built on two floors, and is considered the best teal. It is here where perfection in construction of this type of architecture was achieved.

It was declared a National Monument in 1923, and today it is a museum where you can admire its technical construction and decorations.

Rione Aia Piccola

The other interesting area to meet in Alberobello is that of Aia Piccola. It is as picturesque as Rione Monti, but less visited, and therefore, quieter. It is a residential area of ​​quiet streets and full of trullos.

Basilica of Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano

Another place that we must see is the Basilica dei Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano, the largest church in Alberobello, which is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by buildings of recent construction and trullos.

Territory Museum

Among the museums of Italy that you can visit, we can mention the Museum of the Territory, which is inside a set of trullos and contains different pieces of work and ancient works of art.

It also contains two rooms where life is recreated within a trullo during the medieval period.
Other interesting museums to visit are the Olive Oil Museum, the Wine Museum and the Museum of Handicrafts.

Hotels in Alberobello

There are charming hotels, charming hotels and owners who fall in love. We can opt for a hotel or apartment, but a good option is to sleep in a trullo.

The offer is not very wide and the prices are not very cheap but it is an experience that deserves to be lived.

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