Beach Hidden in Mexico

Beach Hidden in Mexico


The Marietas Islands and its «Beach Hidden» a natural paradise, protected by UNESCO. It is an archipelago of two small islands and two islets uninhabited a few kilometers to the West of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico. It is one of the destinations more requested by tourists visiting the region, above all to enjoy the Hidden Beach, which is difficult to access, but once you find yourself in the vicinity you can go climbing up the rocks either swim through one of the openings.

The Playa Escondida as it is also known and «Hidden Beach» by English speakers, has prohibited access to be a protected area, although it can be visited with special permission. The Mexican Government allows to make a tourist tour some few tourism companies, only occasionally to keep the natural paradise is the best possible.

Geology occasionally creates wonders and one can say that it is not very common to see a small island with the characteristics of the Hidden Beach, so this beach can be classified as an amazing destination of las islas Marietas. Try penny slots online for money from our partners with bonuses from us!

Although there are other theories for the formation of this unusual beach. Some argue that the Mexican Government was experimenting with pumps at the beginning of the 20th century, and as a result appeared this island a few decades ago. The Islands were used as a test because they were uninhabited, avoiding any danger to persons.

«Believed that the beach is has formed because of these tests, and by erosion caused by weather conditions» explains Ventura, inhabitant of Puerto Vallarta and customary island.


Of crystal clear water and white sand, the only way to reach the beach is swimming through a tunnel that opens at the end with this scene of a postcard. Known as the Playa Escondida, also called it the Playa del Amor (Love Beach).

In its surroundings are practice snorkeling and scuba diving. The visibility of the water in the Marietas is very good and dives to great depths are not required to enjoy it. Playa Escondida is a little-visited beach is accessed swimming underneath a cave.

Islands serve as a refuge and a wide variety of animals reproduction sites mainly birds these islands are also the «Blue footed Booby bird» habitat a species that has only been seen on these islands and in the Galapagos Islands.

Worldwide fame that has reached this island owes it to social media, via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest the Love Beach has become one of the most popular tourist sites of Mexico.

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