Boracay is back, one of the best islands in the world in the Philippines.

Boracay is back, one of the best islands in the world in the Philippines.

After six months closed for environmental cleanup, the island of Boracay is once again open to the public!

This famous island in the Philippines, just an hour’s flight from Manila, was closed by the government in order to carry out environmental maintenance tasks.

Now, with new rules for those who want to visit it, it seems that the closure has been productive, as the island looks like never before.

Although Boracay will have more limitations for tourism than before, there are still many experiences to live on this small island.

The archipelago of the Philippines is made up of more than 7,000 islands, a true paradise. If you can’t decide which one to go to, Boracay is the number one destination in the Philippines, hands down!

Boracay has won several awards from the tourism industry in recent years and is the most visited island in the country. With its white sand beaches lined with avenues lined with restaurants, bars, shopping centers and hotels, Boracay is way ahead of other South East Asian islands that want to compete with it.

To do? Plans for everyone in Boracay

Whether your budget is tight or you want a luxury vacation, Boracay offers all the possibilities.

You can stay in amazing hotels like the Frendz Resort & Hostel (the best on the island according to many), where you will meet other travelers like you. Or you can stay in higher category hotels.

You can swim in its turquoise waters (always in the allowed places), sunbathe on the beach and go out to explore the island.

On the other hand, if you want to splurge a bit, you can also go shopping and go out at night. Everything is possible in Boracay!

White sand beaches

After the titanic environmental cleanup, the famous White Beach, the main one on the island, is more sparkling than ever. If you are on the beach and enjoy sunbathing, bathing and walking around, Boracay will not let you down.

Exquisite gastronomy

On the island you can find local food options such as Smoke Restro, to international chains such as Shakey’s Pizza.

At the gastronomic level, Boracay has a lot of advantage over other islands in South East Asia. Both the quality and the variety are high: there is a lot of fresh seafood, traditional delicacies and also international cuisine, which can be tasted in many parts of the island.

Water activities

As you can imagine, in Boracay you can enjoy the best water activities. Thanks to its reopening, it is again possible to dive, snorkel, water ski, paraglide, windsurf and paddle surf.

These have always been some of the activities most requested by visitors to the island.

Delve into the crystal clear waters of Boracay and discover the immense marine life they hide.

Dive to see the sunken ships in wrecks, say hello to Nemo by snorkeling on the surface, or paddle your surfboard across paradise.

Island hopping

Traveling from island to island is another of the activities you can do in Boracay. If you are looking for a different plan, why not book an excursion to the neighboring islands?

You can enjoy the sun and a much more relaxed atmosphere in places like Cocodrilo Island, or Puka Shell and Lapus-Lapus beaches.

A bit of trekking

Did you know that in Boracay you can also go for a good hike? This is probably one of the lesser known activities to do on the island.

Even so, if you decide to go to Mount Luho, you can enjoy incredible panoramic views from the highest point of the island, which is only 10 square kilometers.

You can rent a mountain bike or walk, which will take you no more than an hour from Station 3.


There is nothing like witnessing the sunset on a small island, especially in one of the Western Visayas.

Although you will not be able to eat or drink on its beaches for environmental reasons, here the sunsets are unforgettable.

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