Cala Mariolu, the most striking beach and the most hidden corner of Sardinia

Cala Mariolu, the most striking beach and the most hidden corner of Sardinia

«Sardinia is out of time and history.» Perhaps the English writer D. H. Lawrence forgot to say that the most beautiful corners of the island are also off the beaten path. Because that’s the truth.

When you think you know Italy thoroughly, suddenly someone talks about the Gulf of Orosei, in the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and everything changes forever. But does it exist? Can someone put it on the map? It may not have the fame of other cities steeped in history or regions where wine and gastronomy have seduced travelers for centuries.

This gulf, located in the central stretch of the eastern coast of Sardinia, has beaches and coves that seem to have been painted with watercolors by the hand of a child. The blue is intense, the green the color of emeralds, the sand of pure gold.

Some of the island’s beaches are covered in soft powdery sand, some have really crystal clear blue waters, some have picturesque rocks and cliffs, some are less frequented, some are more child friendly, some are better for adults and others almost too beautiful to be true.

One of these beaches is Cala Mariolu, on the east coast of the beautiful island of Sardinia. It is especially beautiful and has bright turquoise waters, especially clear.

Located in a small inlet framed by sheer limestone cliffs lined with lush trees and greenery, this stretch of beach is a mix of golden sand dotted with small rounded stones smoothed by the endless gentle lapping of the waves.

Suitable for scuba diving and considered one of the best beaches for diving in Sardinia, it is also an ideal place to paddle, swim or lie in the shade of the limestone rocks, which provide relief from the sun in the late afternoon.

A burst of colors

Actually, Cala Mariolu could be reached on foot. But, for this, you would have to walk a lot and dedicate many hours and efforts to avoid large rocks eroded by the sea and the wind.

There are those who believe that the best beaches are those to which Mother Nature has placed geographical obstacles to hinder the presence of human beings.

It may be so. Because when the ship begins to approach our final goal it seems impossible not to collide with the huge white stones that precede the neat sandy area, where thousands, millions, of pink pebbles sparkle in the sunlight.

Stone arch

«Sardinia is mysterious,» the island’s inhabitants say regularly. And they may be right. After spending several hours lying in the sun in Cala Mariolu, on its white sand, one is always curious to know what the coves will be like on either side of this wild gulf, located exactly 140 kilometers from Cagliari along the road from the coast.

In it is the famous Gruta del Bue Marino, like the jaws of a lion that instead of teeth had stalactites and stalagmites. Cala Sisine and Cala Biriola complete the circuit, with a lush forest behind them and a natural stone arch that emerges defiantly into the sea.

Hotels: With artisan tradition

Lanthia Resort

A hotel that in its 28 rooms tries to reproduce the most genuine atmosphere that is breathed on the island of Sardinia. Thus, artisan works abound, as can be seen in the decoration, where wood, stone and brightly colored fabrics are the main protagonists.

Your Gologone

It is defined as a hotel of experiences. The common spaces are authentic art galleries and are exhibited full of period costumes, tapestries and old ceramics, which are true testimonies of a little known crafts.

It also has its own workshops where embroidery is made, orchard and wineries in which the owners of the establishment organize wine and oil tastings for guests.

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