Hoi An and its beautiful Old Town, one of the jewels of Vietnam

Hoi An and its beautiful Old Town, one of the jewels of Vietnam

The center of Vietnam has one of the jewels of the country and of all of Southeast Asia: Hoi An. An ancient village with more than 2000 thousand years of history through which the Kingdom of Cham, great enemy of the Empire of Angkor Wat, passed by Muslims , Chinese and Vietnamese.

A World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Hoi An has been saved from the many wars that the country has experienced in recent centuries and retains an unbeatable appeal thanks to its beautiful historic center.

To visit Hoi Han, the most common is to fly to the third city of Vietnam: Da Nang. A metropolis that is sure to be one of the most interesting cities in the region in the medium term future as much is being invested in it.

For now, Da Nang already has a beautiful international airport with flights to different destinations in Vietnam and the Asian continent, also to Bangkok.

What to see and do in Hoi An?

Explore the Old Town

The great star of Hoi An and World Heritage by UNESCO. The old town of Hoi An is the most beautiful in the whole country and perhaps even in Southeast Asia.

Its colorful streets full of colonial houses with small wooden bridges and thousands of lights at night, make it an essential place to explore for several hours.

Walking through the old town is free, but there is an entry that costs 120,000 VND that gives you access to 5 of the main attractions of the neighborhood. With the entrance you can, for example, enter the Quan Cong Temple.

Photograph the Japanese bridge

The Japanese bridge, located in the old town, was built in the early seventeenth century by the Japanese community that then inhabited Hoi An.

A few decades later they had to leave the country forced by the policy of the new Japanese rulers to completely close their country abroad. Today, this ancient and beautiful bridge is one of the symbols of Hoi An. You will find it on the 20,000 VND bills.

Tourist mecca

The conservation of that old town is what has given life back to Hoi An, which is again a most cosmopolitan city. But the reason is another: tourism. Thousands of people arrive here any day of the year.

Some to spend the night in the multiple hotels of the town, and others come with just hours on organized excursions that depart from the cruise ships that dock at the port of Danang.

Visit its beaches

The beaches of Hoi An are not very spectacular, but they can be useful if you feel like sunbathing or if you just feel like walking through them.

Although when you are on vacation in Vietnam you probably do not know what day of the week you are, you should keep in mind that on the weekends the beaches are crowded with Vietnamese to the point that it costs to reach them since a mass of motorcycles Sometimes it practically blocks your access.

Go shopping at the Central Market Cho Hoi An

The central market of Hoi An is a large building where there are many food stops inside. You sit in small chairs and eat a delicious bowl of Pho (noodles) with chopsticks while you drink a good iced coffee or freshly squeezed natural juice.

Have dinner at the Night Market

At night, in the whole area of ​​the old town a lot of lights and colored lanterns come on that give a great touch to the neighborhood. In the area there are many restaurants for dinner, such as the Morning Glory Restaurant.

After dinner you can approach the Night Market where you will see paraditas that basically sell souvenirs. For some good desserts, the MS VY’s Thuc Pham Bep restaurant is recommended, next to the night market.

Quan Cong Temple

The Quan Cong Temple is a 17th-century photogenic building dedicated to a Chinese general, Quan Cong. It is a typical place to enter during a walk through the old town of Hoi An.

How to get around Hoi An

If you have a hotel near the old town, you can visit this area simply by walking. If you are a little further or want to go to the beach or to any of the islands in the surrounding river (connected by bridges), then the ideal is to rent a bike. It usually costs about 20,000 VND, although some hotels offer them for free.

How to get to Hoi An

Most travelers going to Hoi An do so from Da Nang city, 30 km away. Da Nang can be reached by train, plane or bus and from there take a taxi or bus to Hoi An.

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