Jodhpur, the blue city in India

Jodhpur, the blue city in India


In the city of Jodhpur, located in the State of Rajasthan from the India, there is no space for another color that is not blue. Since its inception, every construction of the blue city, as it is known in the world, were painted in the color of the sky on the initiative of the Brahmins, who were members of the priestly class, to indicate its domicile and differentiate themselves from the rest of the population.

Over time, this custom of the upper class moved to the rest of the village and all returned to choose blue as a favorite color to color their homes. In addition to the presence of this color, Jodhpur is characterized by its narrow streets that reduce the brightness of the Sun, because they are in a too-warm area near the Thar desert. And so the shadow is maximized between blue constructions.

The city has about 800,000 inhabitants and blue covers almost everything, the facades of the houses, the shops… giving the city a charming tone. Tourism is the second economic activity of the city after the impressive development of handicrafts, with export products such as furniture and carpets.

Another of the more extended versions is that the houses of Jodhpur are dressed in a blue because according to its population, this color is used to repel insects, mosquitoes, and Moreover, as thermal insulation of the strong sun that cover this desert area of India.


Emplazado on top of the Hill and overlooking the city majestic stands the strong meherangarh Fort. The most impressive and formidable of the Rajasthan, Fortress extends at the top of a cliff, where you can see the entire city. It is very well preserved, since it still being administered by the former Maharaja of Jodhpur, which gets put you at other times, to times of splendor and riches, where Maharajas were the supreme power. The legend says that a man ever lived there on the mountain and was forced to withdraw at the time began to build the fortress. As revenge, the man threw a curse upon the structure: promised that this arid area of the planet would not have water. Coincidentally, Jodhpur suffers around two or three major droughts per year.

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  • Rajasthan has its own unique place in history and Jodhpur is no different. Forts, royalty and blue shades of all possible colors make this city all the more unique. Must for any visitors in Rajasthan.

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