Halong Bay in Vietnam, natural wonder of the world

Halong Bay in Vietnam, natural wonder of the world

Halong Bay, or as it is known internationally, Halong Bay, is the most magical, charming and beautiful place in all of Vietnam.
The Bay is located in the north of the country, about 300 kilometers from Hanoi, the capital of the country. The Vietnamese call this place the Bay of the Dragon’s descendants (Vịnh Hạ Long).

This is the beautiful place as it is, such as the dream Amalfi Coast, a popular holiday destination with vertical cliffs and a rugged riverbank with small beaches and pastel-colored fishing villas

Legend of Halong Bay

The bay of the descendants of the dragon (Halong Bay) is thus known by the legend surrounding this area, or rather, the origin of this area.

The legend of Halong Bay says that during the time of the Emperor of Vietnam, the Chinese invader wanted to appropriate the lands of the Vietnamese Empire, the Emperor asked for help from a family of dragons, who threw pearls and jade to sink enemy ships .

Once the battle was over, and contemplating the beauty of the place, the dragons and their descendants decided to stay there.

Ha Long Bay has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and included in the list of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

¿What does Halong mean?

The dragon that goes into the sea.

¿What is Halong Bay?

Halong Bay is more than 2000 karst rock islets, scattered along 120 kilometers of coastline, which are more than 15,000 m2 in length, creating an atmosphere and an unparalleled beauty spot.

Halong Bay Cruise

The immense place that Halong Bay supposes makes it essential for a Cruise to be able to enjoy all the beauty of this natural place and point of interest of our visit to Vietnam.

It is best to hire a 2-day / 1 night cruise, the price of which is $ 99 (US dollars) per person. Depending on the agency, transportation from Hanoi may be included in the price or not.

Caves in Halong Bay

During our trip through Halong Bay, we will stop to visit many of the caves that have formed on the huge islets of Halong.

The most famous caves are Hang Sung Sot (Stun Cave), Hang Dau Go (Hidden Wood Cave), Hang Thieng Cung (Celestial Palace Grotto), Hang Bo Nau (Pelican Cave), Dong Tam Cung (Cave of the Three Palaces) and Hang Trong (Drum Cave).

The Sung Sot Cave

This cave was discovered in the early twentieth century and is characterized by its large natural galleries, which have perfectly conditioned trails. Therefore, your visit is suitable for all audiences.

Its only difficulty lies in the stairs that it is necessary to ascend to reach the entrance to the cave, since it is somewhat elevated above sea level.

But this in turn also has its good part when leaving the cave, because its elevated situation offers great views over the bay from the exit staircase that descends to the island’s jetty.

Halong Bay Surroundings

Although it may seem incredible, there is virtually nothing around Halong Bay. A small town, hotels on the access road to the village, a beautiful bridge that reminds me of the bridges of Lisbon (in Portugal) and a market.

Kayak in the Bay

 Normally all travel packages to Ha Long Bay usually include the possibility of kayaking through its waters.

An experience that allows you to reach some shallow places that cannot be reached with the boat. In some cases you can approach the base of some islets and the houseboats of some of the fishermen in the area.

Halong Bay Village

The only point around Halong Bay that is worth visiting is the town of Halong. To access the town you have to cross a road on foot of the bay, next to the sea, and a beautiful bridge.

The town is a typical Vietnamese town with picturesque houses, a small pagoda and a market (located next to the port).

More about Halong Bay

Cat Ba Island, the largest island in the Gulf of Tonkin, magical place of beaches and natural parks in the middle of Halong.

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