Cabarceno Natural Park in Spain

Cabarceno Natural Park in Spain

Cabarceno Natural Park in Spain

Cabarceno Natural Park in Spain is a spectacular fauna paradise that welcomes in semi hundreds of animals representing all of Earth zoological communities. In this reserve of endangered species can be seen, as in any other corner of Europe, the spectacle of distant wildlife: tigers, bears, lions, jaguars, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, buffaloes, live and breed in ancient habitat, now recovered.

Cabárceno Park is a different zoo where you can find hundreds of animals in semi-freedom and is considered one of the favorite tourist destinations for those visiting Cantabria and northern Spain.

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The Nature Park is located in Cabárceno town in the valley of Pisueña, belonging to the region of Pas-Miera, 15 kilometers from Santander. It has 750 acres, and was opened in June 1990. Set in an old iron mine extracting the open, subject to environmental recovery project, whose network of roads, tunnels and pathways have been conditioned for the ride and to allow vehicles to circulate. Located in a karst environment, provides a distinctive geological landscape that is home to more than two hundred animals of over 120 species from all five continents and has the particularity that the animals are in large fenced areas in semi-liberty. This spectacular landscape has enabled the gaps are the most suitable for the animals to live in the most close to their habitat.

This Nature looking tourist entertainment, conservation of species and bring the environment to man. It is considered a center of study of behavior and reproduction of different species of animals that have, managing captive breeding African antelope, jaguars, giraffes, tigers, lions, European bison, monkeys of Gibraltar… well as educational, cultural, scientific and recreational. It has the largest reserves of brown bears in Europe.

It is an ideal place to spend the day because it has numerous recreational areas, picnic areas, lakes, lookouts, cafes, restaurants, playground … and in which park are performed daily in the various precincts shows lions and flying bird raptors.

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Restaurant, viewpoints, self-service, cafes, shops, car parks, area lakes, picnic area, public payphones, ATM, environmental classroom, reptile, picnic areas, several parking areas, gift shops, playground and nursing.

Stroke: Paved and marked to do it by car, bike or foot.
Shows: Birds of prey and sea lions.
Environmental Education Classroom
Discover, learn, feel, experience…

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The Environmental Education classroom develops a full program of activities for schools, which will be known the park, where you will discover all the natural environment in which you will feel new sensations…:
-Routes didactic
-Activities plastic
-Workshops tailored
-Botany tours
-Active tourism
The Reptile House is located at the entrance Obregon Park, next to the café La Mina. It consists of heated enclosures for different species, cobras, rattlesnakes, snakes, turtles, lizards…

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