Taxco de Alarcón, charming magical town in Guerrero, Mexico

Taxco de Alarcón, charming magical town in Guerrero, Mexico

The Magic Town of Taxco de Alarcón, known as the Theater City, in recognition of the dramatist Juan Ruiz de Alarcón, annually celebrates the Alarconian Days and turns the city into a space for performing arts.

Your visitors can find countless sites that transport them to the past. Winding cobbled streets and alleys guide your steps to ancient temples framed with parks, squares and picturesque mansions.

Santa Prisca

It is undoubtedly the heart of this city, its talavera dome and its two pink quarry towers built in a mixture of Mexican Churrigueresque and Baroque architectural styles, they are the classic postcard of this Guerrero destination, a construction full of mysteries and legends …

Monumental statue of Christ

It is another iconic element in the taxqueño landscape, in the Atachi Hill is a beautiful viewpoint from where you can see the entire silver city; This statue is twenty meters high and was built with 52 pieces of pink quarry.

Holy Week in Taxco

It is one of the most recognized pagan-liturgical celebrations in Mexico, during these days you can see vivid and impressive processions in the streets.

The National Silver Fair takes place in the month of November and is a celebration of Taxco’s silver tradition, where artisans and jewelers participate in the National Silverware Contest; a week of cultural, artistic and entertainment events.

This magical town saw the birth of the cuetlaxóchitl flower that was later recognized as “Christmas Eve flower”, a symbol of Christmas worldwide.

This crop receives its tribute in December during the Cuetlaxóchitl Fair with botany, gastronomy and art events.


It is part of the Magic Towns program since 2002.

Since 2012 Taxco joins the “Ciudad Luz” circuit, being number 61 in the world for the design of the urban lighting of its historical monuments, including the majestic Parish of Santa Prisca.

Since 2013, two Taxco hotels have the distinctive “Treasures of Mexico” that places them on a competitive level in the luxury segment.

In pre-Hispanic times there existed to the south of the current town of Taxco an indigenous settlement founded by Tlahuicas with the name of Tachco, whose meaning in Nahuatl is «place of the ball game».

Taxco’s silverware draws on ancient resources linked to the art and culture of Mexico. His designs are inspired by colonial baroque and art nouveau.


Parish of Santa Prisca and San Sebastián
Borda House
Chapel of the Holy Trinity
Former Convent of San Bernardino de Siena
House of Tears Museum
Tianguis silver
Museum of Viceroyalty Art, Humboldt House
Sanctuary of the Lord of the Holy Veracruz
Cacahuamilpa Grottoes
Blue pools of Atzala
Ixcateopan de Cuauhtémoc
Cacalotenango Waterfall
Nayaá House


San Antonio Abad Day is celebrated in January when the blessing of animals takes place in the parish atrium and a great fair with music and fireworks is held.

«Alarconian Days» is always held in the month of May, with parties and cultural events.

Jumil Day: It is celebrated on November 1 with a gastronomic fair on the hill of Huizteco and the dishes that can be prepared with this insect are exhibited.

National Silver Fair: It is held at the end of November and beginning of December with presentations of artisanal and cultural events.


From Cuernavaca it is possible to reach Taxco through federal highway number 95, at a distance of 106 km. Federal highway number 95 communicates with Iguala and Chilpancingo at 33 and 138 km respectively; as well as with Acapulco 275 km by the same route.

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