Palouse Falls in Washington, United States

Palouse Falls in Washington, United States

Palouse falls

Palouse falls are a huge leap that gives the river of the same name. This splendid precipitation is 4 miles (6.4 km) stream above the confluence with the Snake River, Southeast of Washington, United States.

They were created during the flooding of an ancient glacial lake called Missoula. The Palouse River passes through a large and productive region that was territory of the Palus Indians, also called Palouse or Wawyukma.


The waterfall has a height of 200 feet (61 meters) and detaches from a higher fall of 20 feet (6.1 meters). In fact, they make up a succession of falls, being the smallest of 180 feet (55 meters). But it is not only the waterfall which takes visitors but that whole environment looks in that it engages, which is an amazing canon, it makes this tour a unique adventure.

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The part of the canyon where lower large water curtain reaches 115 meters above sea level and, in addition, is a clear sign of the Columbia River basalt group. The landscape was born at the time of the Pleistocene, when fluids Missoula swept the area giving these so characteristic forms.

Throughout the territory in which these natural wonders are part belongs to the Palouse falls State Park, which helps to protect all your valuable natural heritage. This also allows access to the falls is easier and more controlled, and to have been responsible for go counting on posters all the geological history of the place including the aborigines who lived here and the Mullan road that crossed the area.

This waterfall and Canyon are really a beauty that keeps United States for travelers. Near the Capitol, it might be hard to imagine a natural attraction like this, but luckily, the advancement of man even preserves these gems so that we can continue to amaze us with them.

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In 2009, Tyler Bradt 22-year-old, broke the record of fall kayaking world to descend the 55 meters of the Palouse falls. Tyler had a clean fall and suffered a slight injury in his wrist.

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