Thermal baths of Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Thermal baths of Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Iceland is known worldwide for being a volcanic country. In the middle of the Diamond Route in the north of the country are the thermal baths of Lake Myvatn, a magnificent and unknown alternative. The problems derived from volcanism have an extremely positive side and energy independence.

Thanks to geothermal energy, Iceland does not need oil or nuclear power plants to produce electricity or to heat their homes. Hundreds of kilometers of pipes that carry hot water throughout the country. In some places, water outcrops create small thermal lagoons. The Blue Lagoon is known to everyone, but there are others. As well as the incredible Tolantongo Grottoes in México where you can meet hot springs between caves, rivers, pools, waterfalls and more.

The Myvatn Lake area is a unique and World Heritage Site by Unesco. It will appeal to you that you can bathe in outdoor geothermal waters, but it is quite common for Icelanders. Many of them go during the week to meet friends as if it were a bar.

Thermalism on the Diamond Route.

The thermal baths of Lake Myvatn have nothing to envy to those of Blue Lagoon, and they are not so congested during the summer. Most tourists and travelers arriving in Iceland often miss the northern part of the country, a real shame.

Differences between the Blue Lagoon and Myvatn

The size

The Blue Lagoon is a lagoon with 9 million liters of geothermal water between 37 and 39 degrees Celsius. The lagoon has white mud cubes to rub the skin.

Myvatn bath nature however, is smaller, has 3 and a half million liters of geothermal water between 36 and 40 degrees Celsius. The bottom of the lagoon is sand and gravel.

These bathrooms are as well prepared or more than those of the Blue Lagoon, being more modern and less public. Rest our tired bodies after doing some hiking route or visit some of the most emblematic places of the Diamond Circle Route will undoubtedly be a pleasure, an experience that we will remember many years after visiting Iceland.

The price

Blue lagoon
 Adults: «Standard» 50 euros, «Comfort» (masks, drinks …) 65 euros, «Premium» (wardrobe, flip flops …) 82 euros and «Luxury» (set of spa products, private wardrobe …) for 429 euros for two people.

Myvatn natural baths

Adults: EUR 30.93 (October-December), EUR 34.19 (January, February, March and April) and EUR 38.25 (May, June, July, August and September).

Waters at 130º C and some human work pools.

The waters sprout in the area at a temperature of 130º. The Icelanders built a kind of reservoir that today has become a swimming pool with therapeutic and recreational uses. The waters are alkaline and contain a lot of beneficial minerals for the skin. Its chemical composition prevents algae, bacteria or fungi from being implanted in the pools so that its waters are always clean and hot: Average temperature 36-40º.

The Myvatn thermal baths also have saunas and a restaurant to eat. Like everything in Iceland, prices are high.

How to get.

The Myvatn Nature Bath are located 105 km east of Akureyri, 184 west of Egilsstadir and 489 from the capital Reykjavik.
 The communication route is Highway number one, the Ring Road. The thermal baths and their swimming pools and facilities are very close to the road.

Where to sleep.

The area attracts many Icelandic tourists so it has several hotels nearby. Husavik is 46 km away, another alternative to stay. If you need more information visit our hotels section or write us a message.

The Diamond Route

In addition to the enjoyment of the steamy pools and the warm waters, the area is full of places of interest- Lake Myvatn itself; the Asbyrgi Canyon; the Dark Castles; the Dettifoss waterfall, the Godafoss waterfall, the Cliffs of the Whispers, etc. The Diamond Route concentrates numerous, sometimes lonely, places where Iceland’s wild nature is found in pure splendor.

Important information:

The geothermal water in Iceland generally contains some sulfur, especially in this area of ​​the Myvatn Lagoon. This has a positive effect on asthma and other respiratory diseases, as well as in people with skin problems. When entering the water, you should avoid wearing brass or silver jewelry, as they turn black and can be damaged. You can put your belongings at the box office or leave valuables in a safe at the reception. All guests should shower well before entering the Lagoon.

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