Frozen Waterfall in Mexico

Frozen Waterfall in Mexico


The beautiful fall of frozen water known as «Frozen waterfall», is located in the Tlalmanalco municipality in the State of Mexico, making this place one of the Favorites and more visited by tourists for its spectacular appearance.

Most locals refer to this waterfall frozen as «Boiling water». It is made up of sodium and magnesium carbonate with streaks of sulphur which have left this formation as a spring that stopped their March on the edge of the Hill forever. The plus of this incredible place is that you can also enjoy the natural pools atop the mountain, from which emanates the spring, a real bathroom at the edge of a precipice of vertigo.

Its form is a drop of ice which gives the impression that comes out of a rock, creating a whimsical shape that resembles a waterfall, which comes from the slopes of the volcano Iztaccihuatl.

The spectacular is that it consists of thousands of stalactites and stalagmites that simulate the water fall and samples the important forms of nature, although it should be noted that this condition appears only in the month of December to February, that does not mean that you can not enjoy, because like people who like extreme sports fun with activities such as skydiving, canopy, abseiling, mountain biking, among others.

Those who have come to this wonderful place is described as a landscape unparalleled and entirely enjoyable, as in its surroundings there are cabins that can be rented and spend an evening fantastic.


This place is ideal for eco-tourism, as they are activities within the natural territories in which you can practice hiking, mountaineering and camping by visiting the forests that surround the Iztaccíhuatl or reaching its peak.

Remember Tlalmanalconahuatl name is broken down in the following way: tlalli, manalli, co, ‘land, flattened or raided, place’ ‘Earth flattened or level place’, is part of the 125 municipalities in the State of Mexico, and is located to the East of that entity. During the pre-Hispanic period was one of 4 staffs of Chalco called Tlalmanalco / Tlacochcalco.Is

its boundary to the North with the municipalities of Chalco, Ixtapaluca; South Ayapango and Amecameca; to the West with Cocotitlán, Temamamatla and Tenango del Aire, and to the East with the State of Puebla.

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