Cenote Angelita, a river underwater in Mexico

Cenote Angelita, a river underwater in Mexico


Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, is a secret underground river called Cenote Angelita, which can be located after 10 to 15 minutes drive by car to the south of Tulum. It is relatively difficult to access as there is to walk at least five minutes through the jungle to reach him. There is nothing in the place.



It is probably the most unusual formation of its type. Salt water has a high amount of hydrogen sulfide and an apparent opacity, highlighting the fresh water above it, allowing divers swimming along this underwater creation, which has the same appearance as a river of the surface. There are even trees and fallen leaves on both sides of their «margins», which makes this even more surreal landscape.


The cenotes are deep-well natural characteristic of Mexico, resulting from the collapse of limestone layers, exposing the groundwater beneath them. They are full of water and are connected to a marine cave.


This cenote is vertical, flooded with crystal water of a beautiful turquoise blue, which brings us the impression of floating in the air when we are immersed in it.


It is not a good place for snorkeling or bathing. This place is recommended for specialized divers, since the cenote consists of a vertical tray up to 195 ft deep, with about 100 ft of perfect visibility; starting from there should be using artificial light.

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Entering the Cenote Angelita, we find ourselves with a given unique phenomenon that, halfway through the tunnel, mixing fresh water with salt; 80 ft of water top are fresh water above and 105 ft of water below are saltwater, these solutions have been separated by a sour cloud of dense character with a thickness of 3 ft.


The place is composed of rock formations and trees that make reality this natural wonder, an incredible show of unique features for those who enjoy scuba diving and are travel in Mexico.


There is no life in this cenote, or if you want the cat fish that abound in others. That ever has been a small caiman on the surface, but some time ago is not.

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This cenote is far from the tourist areas. According to some travelers, it should accord with the owner surveillance cars, or let someone in them. On the other hand, the journey through the jungle can be hellish because of mosquitoes. Even so, don’t know of anyone that has given up diving once there.

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