Giant Arcs of Ennedi in Chad, Africa

Giant Arcs of Ennedi in Chad, Africa


Perhaps you have never seen pictures of this place. It is one of the most inaccessible regions of the planet, is called Ennedi Plateau and is surrounded by sand.
In such desolation Deep Canyons to only ancient caravans and expeditions dare open.
The scenery is all a fantasy Arcos Giants and corners as Guelta of Archei, where guns and Wild Camels survive on Water Mirrors, outcropping of groundwater basins.


The Ennedi plateau is one of the few rock outcrops that divide the seas of sands of the Sahara, more commonly known as Ergs. Ennedi is composed of sandstone rocks that have been eroded and therefore spectacular formations that attract tourists to this very remote location, only accessible by 4×4 routes without demand made ​​and 5 day cruise to get generated. There lay the only desert crocodiles left in the Sahara and there too recent Atlas Lions found before its extinction.


According to Lonely Planet, is Africa Chad hardcore level. It is also another example of disastrous decolonization dragging the country going from bad to worse. However, this huge piece of the continent, recently won first list your property as a World Heritage Site in UNESCO: Lakes Ounianga already in the voluminous list of world’s most important official wonders. The lakes are part of the vast Ennedi Plateau in southeastern Sahara. In turn, this area numerous sandstone rock formations unusual, rising above the desert like giant sculptures, millennia after being subjected to erosion are draconian.


In desert areas there are two things abound: sand and wind. When combined, the wind carries the sand in suspension and by creeping wind erosion occurring. This in Creole, the wind blows the sand and occasional crashes any obstacle, and believe that what seems an innocent phenomenon in geological scale patterns produce the most impressive I’ve ever seen. To the north of the plateau are Ennedi Tibesti volcanoes, hosting the greatest height of the Sahara, the volcano Emi Koussi (3445m). Basically intracratónicos are a succession of volcanoes, they all consist of basalt, one of the hardest and most resistant to erosion than rocks there. All of this introduction is to show the southern region, exposed to constant winds from the northwest. Erosion was and is so phenomenal that literally ate basalt, creating stretch marks as if they had spent a rake to the ground. Even an old volcano was also torn and swallowed by the sand.


In Ennedi Plateau are some of the most impressive natural arches in the world, both as to deserve a place in the list as a landmark. The world’s largest arch is 120 meters high and is called Arch Aloba (its width is 77 meters).


The Ennedi region has an area similar to Britain. To venture into the desert so you have to plan your moves and your supplies, if you want to get out of it alive, bringing you photos of your adventures back to civilization.

Some take the form of animal figures, as this huge stone elephant.


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