Preikestolen Cliff in Norway

Preikestolen Cliff in Norway

Preikestolen Cliff in Norway

Preikestolen is a lift which has more than 1980 feet high and is located at Lyse fjord located in Ryfylke, which in turn is located in the region of Rogaland in western Norway.

The best way to reach this wonder of northern Europe, one of the most visited natural attractions in the Baltic country, is from the city of Stavanger, located about 25 km away. It is advisable to rent a car and follow the signs to the ferry, in a small travel one hour.

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The top of the rock, also known as The Pulpit has an area of ​​25 square meters, and is nearly flat. Possibly one of the world’s most photographed rocks. Once above clearly shows the shape of the rock, almost square, with three sides falling over the fjord. In fact, the name was given by a hiker who realized that the shape is the same as in the pulpits of churches. At the foot of the pulpit can see the Lysefjord, with a length of 40 km is one of the most spectacular fjords of Norway, or so it seems to us, with its vertical walls that plunge into the water, sometimes more than 3280 feet.

Once we got to the area of ​​Preikestolen, is easy to find the path that leads visitors to the rock formation INMESA a lot of mountain landscapes, traversed by rivers, streams and other waterways. All this further, we should mention the huge variety of species of flora and fauna in the park, which enrich a unique way the beauty of the place. The trail, as well as beautiful wherever you look, is also a bit steep, and leads the adventurers from a height of 885 feet up to 1980 feet in no time.

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The ride or hike in this wonderful place, which seems designed by hand by the immensity and beauty of the landscape, it is not recommended during the winter, due to the high amounts of ice and snow, causing the trails are very slippery and risky. The best time of the year, no doubt, is the spring or summer (between April and October), where you get perfect conditions for the conducting path. The approximate duration is 3 or 4 hours (round trip) and is recommended for the activity, have proper footwear, plus fairly comfortable wear.

It is a magical place, ideal for nature lovers, where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy fully all available views.

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