Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China.

Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China.


The Danxia geomorphologic landscape shown in a geological park near Zhangye, in Gansu, northwestern province of China. Danxia, which means «rosy clouds» in Chinese, is a special geomorphological landscape of reddish rocks that have been eroded over time into a series of Mountains surrounded by curved cliffs and many unusual rock formations.

There are these mountains of colors that make up a landscape that extends for about 300 square kilometers and is worthy of a fantasy world. It is a climate zone of low rainfall that shares with the Gobi desert and, as they tend to say travellers, reminiscent of the bottles with sand colors.

This show of random colors in strata formed by successive deposits of minerals of different pigmentation in the rock layers. Some millions of years later, the overlapping collision and the Eurasia tectonic plate was cause ripples in the relief which gave as a result this stunning and surreal landscape.


That day the creator was more creative than never. Why do another mountain of green or Brown and can use the entire palette? He saw neither need to go to another planet to test their paint. He chose to do so a remote and arid zone of China. ? No one will see it?, he thought. As if it were a bottle of sand, it was placing daily strips of green colors Orange, yellow, red, black and gray according to the humor with which stood. He finished 24 million years later, although there was neither a plant nor a small rodent that could admire his work.

The Committee of Unesco world heritage of the (United Nations education, science and culture organization) announced the inclusion of the relief of Danxia in China on the World Heritage list in 2010 in the capital of Brazil.

Danxia sandstore

Local authorities have relocated residents, have restored vegetation and have banned logging in the area to protect the formations.

«More than 200 villagers Liming, located in the central area of the rock formation, have been relocated to protect the site,» said Mayor Wang Tingke.

«The village prohibits the use of fire in the field, as well as the hunting of wild animals and mining,» added the Mayor.

«We have the responsibility to protect the atmosphere of this place and support the application,» said.

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