Lake Hillier in Australia

Lake Hillier in Australia


Lake Hillier is a Lake of pinkness in the Middle Island, the largest island of the archipelago Recherche, near the coast of Esperance. Esperance also is the gateway to the national parks Cape Le Grand, Stokes and Cape Arid.

Esperance is about 720 kilometers southeast of Perth on the South coast of Western Australia. From Perth, it is two hours by plane or eight hours of travel by car.

Western Australia Rose Lake known as Lake Hillier is a mystery, although there have been several investigations of time not been able to explain why its color pink.

From above, the Lake is from a Bubblegum pink uniform. The Lake is about 600 meters long and is surrounded by a border of sand and a leafy forest from bark of paper and eucalyptus trees. A narrow strip of sand dunes covered with vegetation separates it from the Southern Ocean Blue.


The Lake Hillier located to the West Of Australia does not contain algae that secrete substances pink or reddish staining the water as other lakes located elsewhere in the world and who also have the characteristic pink color. Lake Hillier to take a glass of water from the Lake liquid remains pink, so this color on all the water of the Lake, not only on the bottom that also could give this tone pink as other lakes with the same characteristics of color, as for example the pink Lake in Senegal.

The pink Lake of the Middle Island registered already appears in the journals of the Explorer Matthew Flinders in 1802. Flinders had escalated to the Summit higher than the Middle Island (now known as mount Flinders) to inspect the area waters, when he discovered this incredible Lake. The Middle Island and its pink Lake are located in the middle of a jungle area intact. The only way to see the Lake is from the air. In addition, you can explore the abundant wildlife of the archipelago and the Islands research cruise leaving Esperance.


Investigations have not given with the explanation, although for many years is known the existence of this pink Lake in Australia.

One of the only likely explanations, or one of the more acceptable theories, although it was not proven, is that pink tone of the water in Lake Hillier is produced by a microalgae difficult to detect the so-called Dunaliella salina, it could also be a result of the existence of some microorganisms in water called Halobacterium, but as I said earlier it was not proven.

BirdLife International has identified the Lake as an important bird area (IBA, Important Bird Area) because it contains significant amounts of native birds and migratory.


At the moment color pink Lake Hillier, or better known as pink Lake of Australia, still hiding the reason for its peculiar and Strange tone of color, so it joins the list of enigmas and mysteries of this site. You can add also this pink Lake is one of the natural wonders of Western Australia.

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