Tianzi Mountains in China

Tianzi Mountains in China


Mountain of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province of China are a natural spectacle as a world out of this world. A giant stone forest known as the Pillars of the southern sky and is one of the many works of art that nature has made in China.

The Tianzi Mountains are definitely a place to visit if you travel to the Asian giant. It’s a tourist attraction in China, although it was not too known. However, this natural monument, consisting of «columns» trying to get to heaven, increased his popularity by inspiring landscape James Cameron film, Avatar.

Specifically, the mountain called Heaven South Column, located in the area of Zhangjiajie, was taken as a prototype for the configuration of the Hallelujah Mountains (Hallelujah) on the film and is a sacred place for the fictional town of Na’vi.

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They say the special effects expert Eric Hanson found this landscape for the movie when he visited Zhangjiajie Nature Reserve in Hunan Province, southeast of China. A few months ago the Tujia minority, which lives near Zhangjiajie, held a ceremony to rename the spectacular massif as ‘Avatar Hallelujah Mountain’, a sample of the movie passions unleashed.

Now the most impressive place is this ‘Hallelujah Mountain’, as described in the guidebook of the place,

All Scenic Area Wulingyuan where the National Forest Park Zhangjiajie is located, has a collection of more than 3,100 stone pillars, all of different heights with some reaching over 800 meters, lush valleys and dense forests, lakes, caves , waterfalls and streams, spread over an area of approximately 266 square miles (690 square kilometers).


There is subtropical monsoon climate with plenty of rain and sunshine. Winters are short lived and the temperature is 16 degrees, also the temperatures at the tops of the mountains are 3 or 4 degrees less.

It’s no surprise that this park has been designated a World Heritage Site and World Geopark by UNESCO.

In this paradise live several ancestral groups, such as Bai Tu or Miao. They are the true gods of the area, their carers and his angels. The soul of the place.

At the top of the Tianzi Mountain is accessible with a free bus or cable car. There’s a gazebo and a restaurant with a famous fast food brand. So, while enjoying stunning views, you can kill the bug with hamburger, although not typical of Chinese cuisine.

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