Stonehenge, Prehistory in United Kingdom

Stonehenge, Prehistory in United Kingdom

The best known prehistoric building is Stonehenge, which is located in Salisbury, just about 130 km from London. Based on the studies carried out, it is considered as one of the most sacred places in Europe between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

Stonehenge continues being one of the constructions that more mysteries and questions raises, since it has not yet been discovered what was the origin or the reason to build it as what were the reasons for which it was forgotten.


Of course, studies on this construction have been successful. Today it is known that it was built around 3100 BC, which would move us until the end of the Neolithic, and has generated so many questions about how they have been able to lift these stones that weigh about 50 tons each.

Initially, this same place was used to make collective burials, later they continued the construction of wooden structures and, finally, the great stones that have made this place famous. As with the impressive Fly Geyser, which was accidentally created during the drilling of wells, this wonderful place is born in the United States

The construction was based on an outer circle of 30 meters in diameter and 30 carved blocks of 4.30 meters high were used. Then the cobalt blue blocks known as bluestones were arranged, a total of 57 stones arranged in another circle. Thirdly, a horseshoe-shaped open structure to the northwest was created, with an oval inside, with five blocks of stone. Fourth, the Altar Stone was placed along with the Sacrifice Stone and the Heel Stone, the latter two being believed to identify the summer solstice.

That said, the latest studies state that the arrangement of the stones that can be seen today corresponds to the year 1964, the last time they were moved. And it has been that over the years some of the megaliths have had to be restored, only seven of the twenty-five remain unchanged.


Although it is still unclear who built the monument or for what purpose, it is known that it was a place of ancestral worship and there is speculation that it was a temple dedicated to ancient gods, an astronomical observatory or a place of sacrifices.

It has been considered that this construction was built by different civilizations and characters such as the Druids, Saxons, Romans, Danes or even speculated with the magician Merlin.

As we indicated before by the position of the megaliths around the sun and the summer solstice, it is believed that both the sun and the moon would have great importance in the function of this construction. Therefore, it is speculated that it could have to do with festivities that were done in solstices and not only aimed at agriculture, also life and death, which leads us to talk about fertility rituals and the world of spirits

It is important to mention that the analysis of the remains of cremations found in the place has given greater importance to this place, since they are remains of people who lived in other areas of Europe.

Despite this, it is still unknown who built it or what the specific purpose was but it is believed that it was one of the most sacred and revered places in Europe.


To travel or visit the Stonehenge, you have to approach Amesbury, a city that is located in the Wiltshire region of the United Kingdom. The location is southwest of London, about 100 kilometers, and about 13 kilometers from Salisbury.

From London you can take a train that takes you to Salisbury or Andover, being an hour and a half journey. From Salisbury you would only have to take a bus or a taxi that brings you as close as possible to the place.

Another option is to take a bus from Heathrow airport and from Victoria station, the duration is 2 hours and takes you to Salisbury and Amesbury.

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