The Blue Lake of Iceland

The Blue Lake of Iceland

The Blue Lake is the most visited monument in Iceland and one of the most fascinating places on the “Island of Ice and Fire”. This impressive hot spring spa is undoubtedly one of the places you cannot miss during your trip to Iceland.

First of all, Lake Blue Iceland or Bláa Lónið, as the Icelanders call it, is a tourist attraction comparable to the Golden Circle (formed by Þingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss).

¿How to get to the Blue Lake?

The Blue Lake of Iceland can be easily found as it is located on the road between Iceland International Airport (KEF) and the capital Reykjavik. From the airport you can arrive by bus or by rental car.

The road between the airport and the Blue Lake is 20 minutes (on Highway 41 and then turning right to Highway 43). From Reykjavik to the Blue Lake, the distance is 45 km, so you have to drive about 40-45 minutes.

There is also the possibility of hiring excursions or transfers to the Blue Lake leaving from Reykjavik. These excursions can be combined with the visit to the Golden Circle, the visit to Reykjavik or the whale watching.

History of Blue Lake Iceland a coincidence

It was formed in 1976 as a result of the perforations that are carried out at the Svartsengi geothermal plant to obtain electricity (using groundwater that is heated (between 37 and 75 ° C) by lava leaks). Wonderful! It does not contaminate or require gas or oil.

In 1981, people began to bathe in this lake spontaneously for its healing properties.

Then, in 1987, the Blue Lagoon company built the current facilities and opened for the entire public.

¿Why the blue color of the lagoon?

The turquoise blue color of the surface of the Blue Lake is due to the background minerals, especially silicate.

Blue Lake, excellent spa

The water of the Blue Lagoon Iceland is very rich in minerals such as silicon and sulfur. It is not empirically proven, but it is said to be curative.

Therefore, many psoriasis sufferers feel improvement after bathing and applying these minerals to the skin, available to customers in tanks distributed around the blue lake.

Also, the unquestionable are its relaxing properties. The location is ideal for its beauty and uniqueness.

Imagine an open-air lagoon of smoky waters located in a black lava field, with snow-capped mountains in the background and a cocktail bar without having to leave. It also has cabins with sauna, Turkish bath and massage service.

The Blue Lake restaurant Iceland

Additionally, the cafeteria and restaurant overlooking the Blue Lake of Iceland complete the facilities.

Operation of the geothermal plant

The hot water extracted from the subsoil serves to move turbines that generate electricity. Then, the energy, thanks to an exchanger, is channeled to Reykjavik.

The water of the plant, once it has fulfilled its mission, returns to seep into the earth. Therefore, the process is ecological from beginning to end.

¿Pros and cons Blue Lagoon Iceland?

The feet crawling through the black clay, the sulfur smell, the body submerged in very hot water (it is not uniform) and the head subjected to the Arctic winds, the turquoise blue of the water makes you want to drink it … just for that reason I think it is interesting to visit and bathe.

In conclusion, it is worth visiting the Blue Lake of Iceland at least once.

Hygiene conditions Lake Blue Iceland: rules and showers

Remember that you have to shower completely naked before bathing and it doesn’t work with a swimsuit. There are people who feel like doing it in public. However, there are some private showers that have been installed recently.

Children on the Blue Lake of Iceland

Finally, access to children under two years of age is prohibited and children under nine must wear floats provided by the company for free. Remember, the depth is 1.5m.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the best spa on the planet, enjoy a unique experience and relax on the Blue Lake of Iceland.

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