Albarracín, the most beautiful town in Spain

Albarracín, the most beautiful town in Spain

Albarracín is a small and unpopulated region, and still full of possibilities for tourism. It is one of the main destinations of Aragon (Spain).

Believe it or not, there are many things you can do in Albarracín and you will surely find more than one plan that fits your vacation. With such an impressive environment, Albarracín asks you to go exploring.

Some of the reasons why we should visit Albarracín

Your particular Elevation

Albarracín is born from the same rock, splashing that giant boulder of bricks that look like red and gray meanders on which a castle and a wall stand proudly. It almost seems that the city rose to appear to be impenetrable.

The peculiarity of its elevation means that the best photograph of the memory can be taken from any point from outside the wall.

Its centuries-old streets

Inside Albarracín, the sobriety of centuries-old medieval houses draws alleyways of impossible, cobbled paths that once thundered at the passage of a horse and an enveloping silence that becomes mysterious when the day dies and the sun disappears.

Walking through the streets of Albarracín is to feel the breath of the centuries of history that the different dynasties have sculpted, from the House of the Lara to the very crown of Aragon.

It is one of the greats of our heritage

Albarracín is possibly one of the most laureate towns for culture. It was the first city of Aragon declared a Monumental Complex, in 1961.

It is declared of Cultural Interest; He has received the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts and has been proposed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

In addition, these matters are taken very seriously: in Albarracín they have the tireless work of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation, a non-profit organization that is responsible for the recovery of the heritage and rehabilitation of its treasures.

Cathedral, castle and wall

In Albarracín, we can enjoy the three things, something that gives us the hint of the greatness that the city had in the Middle Ages.

The cathedral stands on an ancient Romanesque temple of the twelfth century, under the watchful eye of a Renaissance tower that took advantage of Roman ashlars.

The castle, the only visitor to the region, was an old fortress modified with the conquest of the city by Christians in the thirteenth century and destroyed in the War of Succession.

The walls, as old as the city itself, retain with some visibility one of the three doors that initially guarded the fortress.

Guadalaviar Route

 Those who have visited the place, recommend doing the Guadalaviar river route around the city of Albarracín.

Through a path where every ten steps it is necessary to take a photo, suddenly we can find hanging bridges that cross the orchards and old ferris wheels that used the force of water when electricity was something unthinkable.

It takes just an hour to travel it and, along with the walk through the walls, is the ideal plan to take a panoramic view of the trip.

Protected nature

Everything that surrounds Albarracín is a natural environment where lovers of the environment and outdoor sports can well feel in paradise.

Just three kilometers from the city are the Ródeno pine forests, a protected landscape from where many hiking trails are organized and where you can find caves with paintings of Levantine rock art.

Another spectacularly beautiful enclave is located in the Cascada del Molino de San Pedro, a waterfall of the Cabriel River that is a little hidden but worth finding.

Doña Blanca Tower

One of the towers that is part of the magnificent fortification of Albarracín is the one called Torre de Doña Blanca. Around the tower, flutters one of the legends that has touched Albarricenses the most since the Middle Ages.

The Princess Dona Blanca, who belonged to the crown of Aragon and who was exiled for disputes with her sister-in-law, came to stay.

It is said that he died of grief in the tower and was buried there, but he never knew how to lift the secret.

It is said that full moon nights, the ghost of Doña Blanca appears in the vicinity of the tower, down to the river where her image fades.

Your cheese among the best in the world

Since 2010, the famous Albarracín cheese has been receiving awards since the World Cheese Awards.

The Sierra de Albarracín Cheese Factory last 2018 became the second most awarded cheese factory in Spain, with nothing more and nothing less than 12 medals.

Its cheeses, such as raw sheep’s milk, are characterized by a strong intensity, perfect for lovers of strong sensations.

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