Discover Riomaggiore, a small town in Italy

Discover Riomaggiore, a small town in Italy

Riomaggiore is the end or beginning of the stage as we have started our journey through Cinque Terre. With less than 2000 inhabitants, this municipality in northwestern Italy belonging to the province of La Spezia (Liguria region) In this article we tell you all about Riomaggiore, declared a World Heritage Site and a really beautiful enclave.

Walking through Riomaggiore

Within the Cinque Terre, Riomaggiore is the last of the villages to visit if we make the typical route from north to south. We recommend you to make the journey in this way, so you will save the best for “desserts”.

The town is characterized by its cleanliness, its order and its colorful houses, which descend down the side of a mountain. The town stretches between the mountains and the sea and has a picturesque jetty and seawall from which to admire the whole of this region, which seems taken from a postcard.

Riomaggiore is very quiet, ideal for resting and getting lost in time. We recommend that you walk quietly through its streets, discover its hidden corners, marvel at its constructions and stop at a small shop to buy handicrafts or at a tavern to enjoy a glass of local wine.

Riomaggiore’s treasures

Within the typical tour of the town, we can start with the highest attractions: the church of San Juan Bautista and the castle of Riomaggiore. The first is a small temple built in 1340 and, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful of all the Cinque Terre. In the surroundings you can see children playing, housewives tending clothes or chatting with the neighbors, very Italian style.

The Castellazzo di Cerricó is a building that was built in the thirteenth century with a square base from which the two walls and the two circular towers are born. It currently houses a cultural and educational center.

¿What else to see in Riomaggiore?

Going down Riomaggiore you can find other interesting sites such as the Oratorio dei Disciplinati, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero and the Oratorio of San Rocco. As you approach the sea you can see the tunnel that goes from the railway station to the center of the town, with its colorful mosaics, and the stone boardwalk to enjoy incredible views.

From there, follow a small path to the south to reach one of Riomaggiore’s best kept treasures: a secret beach. Small and of stones, it is perfect to rest and watch the sunset. Ideal to close a walk through Cinque Terre with a flourish!

The Five Lands from north to south

We have not been able to book the best for last, so now we tell you what you can do before visiting the beautiful Riomaggiore. It crosses the coast of the Ligurian Sea from Punta Mesco, making a stop in each of the following four villages (which together with the previous one form the well-known Cinque Terre route).

Monterosso al Mare

It has the largest beaches in the region and is located in a small gulf protected by an artificial breakwater. To the west is the Fegina spa. To access you must cross a tunnel of a few meters (on the other side of the train station).


It has no traffic, since its road leads to a parking lot in the limits of the town and retains its air as a fishing village. The attractions of Vernazza are the church of Santa Margherita d’Antionchia, the castle of Doria, the hermitage of the Santuario di Nostra Signora di Reggio and the northwest beach.


It is the smallest of the five villages of the Cinque Terre and is situated on a promontory 100 meters high surrounded by vineyards. To access from the road or the train station you must climb no less than 377 steps


It is believed to be the oldest of the towns in the complex because the cornerstone found in the church of San Lorenzo indicates the year 1160 as the foundation. It is famous for its Sciacchetrá wine and for its “Camino del Amor” that unites it with Riomaggiore between hills and vineyards.

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