The village of Oia in Santorini Greece

The village of Oia in Santorini Greece

Oia, also called Ià, is probably the most beautiful and picturesque town on the island. The glowing dome churches and troglodytic dwellings that seem suspended in the void representing Greece perfectly and already form our collective imagination. Built high above the edge of the Caldera, it has small alleys, a spectacular panorama, well-kept shops, nice museums, numerous art galleries and the ruins of the Venetian fortress, giving the town of Oia a unique and fascinating character. In the second half of the 19th century, Oia was a very rich and fully developing center and could trade with Russia, the Levant and Alessandria of Egypt.

A huge shipyard under the cliff. Officers and sea captains lived in beautiful homes on top of the cliff, while sailors lived in troglodytic homes. Unlike Fira, Oia has tried and still tries today to preserve its appeal intact, thus fleeing mass tourism.

 In spite of this, in the main street there are many luxury shops and jewelry stores… and despite this, the appeal of the past is perceived in the air, and from Oia you can enjoy an absolutely unique view over the bay and over the volcano.

¿How to get to Oia?

Bus from Fira:There are tours practically every half hour from 7 to 24, in addition to some night tours. In the low season there is a trip every hour and the last one of which leaves at 20.30.

Scooter and car: They are an optimal solution that allow you to appreciate the landscape without getting tired walking. But it must be remembered that the road over the ridge coming from Fira is full of curves and in August there are quite dangerous gusts of wind.

 On foot : It takes 3 hours to cover the almost 10 km that separates Fira from Oia, from a path along the cliff … The ideal is obviously to leave early in the morning or at the end of the day to avoid intense heat; It is advisable to wear water and a hat. –

Path from Fira to Oia, a perfect plan

There is a small path that connects Fira and Oia that may not be an excursion to do if one has little time in Santorini, but if by chance you will be more than two days on the island, I would not miss the opportunity to Take a walk from Fira to Oia, since the path between cliffs is really beautiful.

If you travel the entire distance, you will walk a little more than 10 km (approximately 6 miles). The trail is a mixture of paved streets, pedestrians and dirt roads. It is a shady mountain hike, so if you plan on doing this in the summer months, start early in the day for the best experience.

Along the way, you also have the option of diverting to Skaros Rock. This is a rock outcrop located near Imerovigli. If you add this to the walk, you will add another 45 to 60 minutes to the walk.

¿What to see in Oia and surroundings?

From Oia you can enjoy the best view over the caldera, since the bay is closed by the cliff. The profile of the crater is perfectly perceived from the water; oddly shaped houses, suggestive chapels and magnificent abandoned houses (after the 1956 earthquake), cross the massif in strange, almost labyrinthine alleys.

Ammoudi Dock and beach: It can be reached on foot along a path or by car from the road. The beautiful excursion foresees a vertiginous descent and a hard ascent before arriving at the tiny beach of songs of Ammoudi.

Armeni Beach: A little further on, is Armeni Beach. Full of pitfalls, it is ideal to lie on the jetty and enjoy the sea breeze, and it must also be said that the water is especially clean and hot, ideal for a good bath before getting comfortable in a tavern.

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