The Cies Islands in Galicia, Spain.

The Cies Islands in Galicia, Spain.


The archipelago of the Cies, located at the entrance of the ria de Vigo, consists of three main islands and smaller islets. The Cies Islands offer nature, good walks and trails, spectacular views and beaches and a haven of tranquility. It’s an incredible maritime-terrestrial National Park and one of the most beautiful in the country, hence the Romans put them ‘islands of the gods’ name.

Cies form part of the Atlantic Islands National Park: a paradise of beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, with a natural setting that makes it an Observatory of flora and fauna unique.

From North to South the Islands son:br Monteagudo or North, island of medium or lighthouse, South Island or San Martiño. The first two are United by a barrier of sand caused by ocean currents, called Beach das Rodas, on the Western side is called two Nenos saltwater lagoon.


The West coast of the Islands is sown and abrupt cliffs that may exceed 100m in height. It also has numerous caves originated by marine erosion, while the East coast have mild slopes that reach the beautiful beaches of fine sand. They include the mentioned beach of Rhodes, selected as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by the British newspaper «The Guardian».

Cies Islands, were declared «Natural Park» in 1980 and belong to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, developed in 2002.

A visit to Cies is ideal for hiking in the family to a break in search of Virgin and quiet beaches. You can make a day boat trip to Cies or rent a yacht in Vigo. Or, if you prefer, spend a weekend in Cies campsite. In addition, it is an exceptional place for diving in the Vigo river and, with luck, you can swim surrounded by arroaces (local dolphins, of smaller size).

Can only access the archipelagos of the National Park from the sea, by the means of maritime transport services of passengers who fly on specific dates or, with prior authorization if it’s a private boat. Currently, several shipping companies provide regular services at Easter, weekends of May and summer to visit the islands of Cíes and Ons. Access is restricted to a maximum of 2200 people per day.

Islas Cies

From the town of O Grove there are daily departures in summer.

To preserve the environment the number of visits is regulated as well as activities within and around the Islands.

Here are some things to keep in mind when visiting the Cíes Islands:
– It is not recommended to approaching the cliffs, can be dangerous.
– It is recommended to travel on public roads.
– Please always take plenty of water and sunscreen.
– You never leave trash, take it with you.
– Is not permitted to camping except in the permitted areas.
– It is not allowed to pull up plants or disturb the animals.
– Anchoring of boats without authorization is not permitted. Click here to request authorization.
– Diving in the vicinity of the Islands without permission is not allowed. To request permission please click here.
– Is not allowed to light fires.
– Is not permitted sport fishing.
– Is not allowed the entry of animals on the Islands, with the exception of dogs Guide for visually impaired.

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